Bike Lanes on ECR

This page reflects the current status of getting bike lanes on El Camino Real from San Francisco to San José. This is an effort coordinated by Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

As of March 2, 2024, Caltrans has a pavement rehabilitation project underway in Mountain View, Los Altos, and Palo Alto that is planned to put in bike lanes from the Sunnyvale border in the south to the Menlo Park border in the north.

Small-scale construction has already started on the Mountain View and Los Altos sections to fill in the worst potholes. The real work is scheduled for Spring 2024. This is when large machines will be much more visible scraping up pavement and laying down new asphalt.

There is still some concern that Palo Alto PABAC and/or city council may not approve the removal of parking along El Camino Real that is required for Caltrans to put in the bike lanes. In the case that Palo Alto chooses not to participate, it will leave a large gap in El Camino and reduce its usefulness as a commute corridor for people on bicycles.

The next meeting date for the PA PABAC is March 5, 2024:

The Palo Alto City Council meeting will follow and act on the guidance given by the PA PABAC.

Relevant background documents for reference: